Sunday, 29 April 2012

Coconut Water Can be Used as Substitute for Blood Plasma

  Coconut tree is called tree of life because of the many products and by-products it can provide from its different part. Its fruit can provide you food, water, source of oil and can serve as flotation device, but do you know that the water from a young coconut fruit can be used as substitute (in emergencies) to Blood Plasma?

Coconut water (not the milk) is the purest liquid only second to water. It is a very potent source of electrolytes and natural sugar. It is also isotonic and its pH is also quite similar to human blood.

In fact during wartime this procedure is commonly observed, many soldiers survived because of emergency transfusion using coconut water as substitute for intravenous plasma.

Blood plasma is straw-colored liquid component of our blood in which blood cells are suspended. It is 93% water and 7% dissolved proteins, glucose, clotting factors.. etc.

Another reason to call the coconut tree the TREE OF LIFE!

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